Why Cycling Is Good For Your Health

Riding a bike is fun and good for your health. Here are a bunch of reasons why you should work biking into your weekly exercise regiment.

Low Impact

Unlike running, which can be very hard on your knees and joints, biking is very low impact on your body. Biking causes less strain on your joints and knees which means it is associated with fewer injuries than most other forms of exercise. If you are looking for a low-risk alternative to running or walking, biking is the way to go!

High-Impact Workout

Cycling uses many more muscles than running does, which means you can get a really great workout from cycling. While cycling primarily uses your leg muscles, it also works your glutes, abdomen, and even your arms depending on the incline you are riding on. Biking is a great way to tone your body and burn a lot of calories in a very short time. If you do a lot of uphill or downhill riding, it’s important to make sure your giant langma advanced pro 1 disc brakes are working properly as you don’t want to be flying down a hill without the ability to stop. 


Since biking is considered an aerobic workout, building stamina is a part of the game with cycling. This can help you with endurance and training for long periods of working out.


Nothing is worse than running on a boring treadmill. With biking, you can get outside, breath the fresh air, and get the sun on your back while you take in your surroundings. Riding for an hour on a bike feels much faster than running an hour on a treadmill, and you’ll probably burn just and much or more when it comes to total calorie count. Regardless of the overall calorie count, you will be much happier after a bike ride after being able to take in your outside environment.