What Can You Do to Make the World a Better Place?

Today, in a world filled with uncertainty and differing opinions and views, it can be difficult to see the good. Between debating the usefulness of masks and understanding the depths of media manipulation, you have to actively search out the good in order to find it. However, that does not mean that kindness is gone or is not worth finding. It just means that we have to try even harder to see and therefore be the good we want to see in the world.

“Smize”- Smile With Your Eyes

While smiling may be difficult to do during Covid-19 (because of masks), it is important to still be kind and pleasant to others. A simple thing to do is “smize” or smile with your eyes. This can be easily done by squinting your eyes a tiny bit and pretending to smile. When you give a true smile, there are creases around your eyes that naturally occur. Squinting helps to replicate those creases and can make it look like you are really smiling behind your mask.

Give to Those in Need

True acts of kindness are those that are done with no expectation of anything in return. By donating your time or money to help the homeless or less fortunate, you are adding to the good in the world.

Pick Up Trash

A simple way to make the world better is to pick up any trash around your neighborhood. Many people are in a hurry and simply do not have time to properly throw away their trash. If you can take that second to throw it away, you have helped the environment. Every small bit helps.

In times of darkness and deep sadness, it can be difficult to see the light. However, it is always there in the form of kindness and is something you can easily become a part of.