Things to Consider When Planning a Destination Wedding

Having a destination wedding opens you up to a lot more possibilities than if you stay in your current city. You can choose anything from a beach wedding to the perfect mountaintop. However, it’s not always quite a simple as planning a wedding in your hometown. Here are a few things you should consider when deciding on whether to have a destination wedding. 


Having an outdoor wedding in the mountains during the winter may not be the best choice. There’s a lot to think about when deciding on when and where you’re going to have your ceremony and reception. Look up the average temperature in the location of your choice for the month you want to get married. If your wedding is going to be inside, you probably don’t have too much to worry about, but it is still a consideration. 


Finding vendors can be a little more challenging with a destination wedding. You aren’t able to meet with them in person as much or get recommendations from friends and family. For instance, if you’re looking for wedding flowers Sonoma, you’ll have to rely on the internet for information and communication a lot of the time. It is a good idea to visit the location of your wedding and find your vendors in person whenever possible though. 


Most of your guests will be coming in from out of town, so you’ll need to factor this in when deciding to have a destination wedding. Is there a major airport nearby? Will you be booking a block of rooms for guests or are you going to let everyone take care of their own travel plans? You’ll also want to be sure to let everyone know as far in advance as possible so they can make arrangements. 

Although it can be more difficult to plan a destination wedding, if it’s what you want, you should go for it. After all, you deserve your dream wedding and all that comes with it in the end.