Leading Causes of Back Problems

Chances are, if you’re over the age of 35 you’ve had a distinct moment where you experienced your first back pain. MSK and bodily remedy startups can help with this pain. You may have said to yourself: “Wait a minute, this only happens to old people,” and later realized that you took your youthful muscles and bones for granted. Luckily, this moment probably came and went, but it will prepare you for the fact that from time to time, everyone has back problems. If you take them seriously and treat them with stretches, rest, or physical therapy Valrico fl, you’ll be able to mitigate them. If left unchecked, they can seriously hurt your quality of life. Here are three main causes of back problems.


Whether you have a job that requires lifting, or you play a sport, injuries are obviously a major reason people need physical therapy Valrico fl. It may seem like a pulled muscle at first, but if you’re not lifting carefully and stretching properly, it’s not difficult to cause a painful misalignment of your spine or hips. Always take time to stretch muscles used over and over, and lift with the knees, not the back!


Almost anyone in their teens or twenties would think it’s unfathomable, but it is entirely possible to injure your back in your sleep! More accurately, sleeping in twisted up positions puts extra stress on your back. If you are experiencing pain on one side or another, the answer may be as simple as sleeping on the opposite side.

The Natural Aging Process

Unfortunately, our bodies wear down as we get older. It’s a fact of nature, but you can mitigate pain through regular exercise, stretches, visits to physical therapy Valrico fl and a vitamin and water-rich diet. Don’t linger on being upset that your body can’t do what it used to. Be happy you’re still around to get older!

Back problems are a painful distraction from normal life. If you feel them starting to develop, act and make changes to make them temporary!