Is Your Thyroid Making Your Sick? What Happens When the Gland Is not Functioning Correctly?

The thyroid, a small gland found in your neck, plays a major role in hormone and metabolic control. It is, essentially, the controller. When it is off, you can feel significantly off as well as suffer from abnormal weight gain. While there are many conditions that can offset this gland, you may be able to find a solution by working with a specialist in internal medicine tempe az. These professionals can run tests to determine the extent of the condition, creating a plan of treatment that gets your back up and running. Here are three things to know about this condition.


When the gland goes into overdrive, too much thyroxine is created developing a hyperthyroid. This means your metabolic rate increases, changing your heart rate and the ability to burn calories and fat. People may experience extreme weight loss, a pounding heartbeat, sweating and difficulty sleeping. Sometimes the result of nodules developing on the area, images and blood work might explain the shift in how you’re feeling as well as provide the physician with an understanding of how to reverse the symptoms.


In this case, not enough hormone is produced for the body to function correctly. People may suffer from digestive issues such as constipation, mood swings such as depression, hair loss and unusual menstrual changes. In addition, hair loss, weight gain and exhaustion are associated with the diagnosis. While this could be the result of an autoimmune disorder, other things may trigger it such as pregnancy or a viral condition. After testing confirms the illness, the doctor may suggest medicines, iodine treatment or radiation. 

The body is a mysterious machine. When one piece isn’t doing its job right, the whole could be completely out of whack. The thyroid’s role is pivotal in giving you energy, focus and rest. If you think you have an issue, make an appointment with someone qualified to help.