How to Prepare for Your First Spray Tan

Going to a salon for a spray tan is an easy way to get a sun-kissed look, even in the dead of winter. Plus, it’s safer than climbing into a tanning bed. The process is simple, easy and painless, but there are a few things you should know before your first time.

Skip the Makeup

Your face will need to be free of any cosmetics, especially foundation, in order for your spray tanning Cottage Grove MN treatment to be fully effective. You can save time by arriving at your appointment bare-faced. Alternatively, if you will be coming to your spray tan straight from work, school or a social outing, the salon should provide you with makeup remover or face wipes.

Know How You Want to Look

Before starting your spray tan, the person applying it will ask “how deep” you want to go. Do you want a light, barely-there shade or a pronounced glow? A deeper tan will last longer, but a lighter one may be more natural-looking. In addition to your aesthetic preference, the reason that you’re going to get the tan will be a factor, since a dark tan may be more appropriate for a vacation than a wedding (for example). Your skin tone is part of the equation as well.

Wear Old Clothing

You shouldn’t wear your favorite outfit to your spray tan, because there is potential for some of the spray to cause stains. It’s a good idea to wear a shirt and pants that are both loose and dark in order to both avoid the potential for staining and minimize the appearance of any errant spray that does rub off.

Good luck with your first spray tan! There is no reason to be nervous; just follow the instructions of the professional doing your treatment and everything will be fine.