How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

You need to do everything possible to keep your eyes healthy. Here are the most important things that you need to do to maintain good ocular health and protect your eyesight.

Get Annual Eye Exams

Some people skip eye exams that need to be performed on an annual basis. They may conclude that their vision hasn’t changed, so they don’t need to have it checked out. However, small changes in your vision can go unnoticed for some time because your eyes will try to compensate for the deficiency. The results of unaddressed changes in vision can include eye strain, fatigue, headaches, squinting, and even wrinkles. In addition, it’s important to recognize that eye exams include screening for other things besides changes in your vision. Your optician will also check your eyes for glaucoma, and he or she can identify the early stages of cataracts. Ultimately, an eye exam is an important medical test that shouldn’t be overlooked because you’re too busy or you’re concerned that your insurance won’t help pay for it. When you’re looking for vision testing Pittsburgh PA, choose an optician who accepts most insurances.

Protect Your Eyes From UV Damage

You need to wear sunglasses when you’re going to be outside for any period of time. Just as the sun can damage your skin, it can cause damage to the surface of your eye. The sun can even burn the surface of your eye, causing serious pain and irritation. Your eyes can also sustain damage from the sun over time without your being aware of it. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays raises your risk of contracting eye diseases such as cataracts and eye cancer. The risk of UV damage has increased significantly within the past several decades due to the depletion of our planet’s ozone layer that helps to filter UV light. As the ozone layer continues to be compromised with every passing year, it’s critical that you protect yourself against UV damage.