How to Evaluate Eldercare Options

When an elderly loved one reaches the point where they need help with daily living, it can be a challenge to know what to do. You need to consider how much care your family member needs and how to provide that care. Eldercare services involve a spectrum of care, from help at home with housekeeping and personal hygiene to 24-7 housing and memory care. 

Evaluating Elder Care Options

Caregivers have three options when considering what arrangement makes sense. The most popular option is to stay at home. Staying at home is a great option if you or another family member can visit daily. If they have regular visitors from the community, people who can look out for them, then staying at home is a good option.

Many elderly people benefit from the second option. In-home care gives people the option of staying at home while getting some help with daily chores. Many companies offer various services that support older adults who have memory or mobility issues. These services are also a great way to provide some companionship and intellectual stimulation as well. 

The final major option is to enter an assisted living community. These communities provide the feeling of living at an apartment complex with recreational facilities and a social calendar. Many of these facilities have wings or floors for residents who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. 

Choosing an Option

When you start looking for elder care services Wellington FL, take some time to reflect, take notes, and discuss your options with others. Be ready to answer questions about your family member’s needs now and in the near future. If they have been suffering from dementia for some time, companion care at home might not be enough. Some homes cannot be modified to accommodate someone who needs a wheelchair, to cite another example. 

Talk to your family member about their preferences, and be ready to discuss all three options, if possible. You also want to be ready to argue for what you think is best.