Going Gray Gorgeously

Many women are embracing the new silver hair trend. It is especially good for women who are going gray naturally and are tired of dyeing their roots every few weeks. The key to going gray but not looking old is making sure you radiate youth, health and vitality.


People notice your face before they notice anything else. Keep your skin youthful with a good skincare routine and regular facials. Seek Botox cosmetic Princeton NJ to reduce lines and wrinkles. Most important, keep your face out of the sun. Harmful ultraviolet rays cause 90% of visible skin damage. Avoid peak sunlight hours (around noon), use sunblock every day and wear a hat with a brim wide enough to shade your entire face. Most importantly, remember that a smile will always be your best accessory.


Gone are the days when women over a certain age were advised not to wear particular items or colors. These days, just about anything goes. By now, you have discovered your style and you know what flatters your body type. Keep those key pieces but branch out, too. It can be fun to participate in a trend. Pay attention, as always, to how each garment fits — never wear anything too snug or too loose. Experiment with color: as your hair color changes, your ideal wardrobe colors may change as well. Play with accessories and jewelry to lend classic pieces a youthful pizzazz.


Staying fabulous means staying fit. Keep eating a healthy diet; emphasize lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Drink lots of water. A cup of coffee and a glass of wine each day are fine, but stay away from excess caffeine and alcohol. Incorporate physical activity into your life by doing moderate aerobic exercise and strength training regularly. Take care of your mental health by maintaining close social connections and pursuing hobbies. Travel can help keep your mind sharp and give you perspective on life. When you are snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, who is going to care about the color of your hair?