Empowering Differently Abled Citizens

Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities deserve an opportunity to develop relationships and make contributions to society. In short, they have a right to lead a life that is no different from other people. To help make this happen, a fantastic network of organizations provide Community Support Pittsburgh PA to assist people with IDDs and their families with locating employment, finding housing, and supporting emotional needs.

Finding Employment

Social service organizations help persons with IDD by training them to identify their most employable skills, to look for positions that best match that particular skill set, to prepare resumes and apply for jobs, and to conduct successful interviews. Some support organizations provide continued skills training after they start a new role to ensure continued success. Finally, some groups even act as brokers, identifying industries, and jobs that are the right fit for people with IDD.

Locating Affordable Housing

Finding affordable housing is difficult for many families, but people with IDD may meet with additional questions by landlords without experience renting to this specific population. Organizations that support people with IDDs work to educate landlords, train them on the responsibilities of renting, and sometimes run housing facilities themselves. Such agencies also provide training in necessary home economics skills such as cooking, cleaning, and home repair.

Building Support Networks

Some organizations provide an overall social and support network for people with IDDs. These groups provide a safe space for people to share successes and struggles they have on the job, in relationships, or with other parts of their lives. These networks help people with IDD develop and sustain relationships, which will act as a support network outside of organized meeting times and go beyond the organization itself.

By assisting persons with IDD in finding employment, locating affordable housing, and building support networks, social service organizations help foster independence. By opening up more opportunities, these organizations also provide opportunities for meaningful participation in the community.