4 Smart Ways To Care for Your Teeth While Wearing Braces

Whether you are wearing braces as a teen or as an adult, you may need to modify your dental care routine somewhat to ensure your teeth are healthy and beautiful once the braces are removed. Braces, after all, necessitate a bit of extra care that even the most dedicated brushers may not be accustomed to. Consider four habits you can develop to look out for your teeth while they are being straightened.

1. Visit Your Orthodontist as Recommended

Throughout the duration of your orthodontic care Charlotte NC, it may seem as though you have appointments related to your teeth practically every other day. After all, you will need to see your orthodontist for frequent adjustments while also receiving your usual cleanings once or twice a year. Make sure you schedule and keep these appointments so you don’t prolong the amount of time you must wear braces.

2. Floss Regularly

Whether or not you had a habit of flossing before getting braces, it’s especially important that you do so afterwards. This is because your braces may make it more difficult to brush effectively. Try using floss with a guide on one end that allows you to easily thread the floss under brackets. 

3. Avoid Certain Foods

While wearing braces, it’s best to avoid eating foods that are especially chewy or sticky, such as gummy candies and caramel. Additionally, you shouldn’t eat foods that you must bite into with your front teeth, such as corn on the cob or whole apples.

4. Wear a Mouthguard

Finally, protect your braces and the soft tissue in your mouth by wearing a mouthguard when participating in sports. This way, a stray ball will not harm your brackets or cause the metal to cut your lips.

Although many people hope their orthodontic treatment will conclude as soon as possible, it’s still vital that they take good care of their teeth until that time arrives. With a few modifications to your routine and a bit of extra time, you are sure to be confident in your smile after your braces are removed.