3 Ways To Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a great way to keep pesky hair at bay and get that silky smooth feeling that you’ve always dreamed of. If you have an appointment booked, here are some things you should do in advance so that you get the best results.

Shave, but Don’t Pluck

Remember to shave the area 24 to 48 hours before your appointment, but don’t pluck hair or wax. Shaving allows the root to remain intact so that the laser can easily detect it, and it can also prevent you from getting burned since the hair will be below your skin’s surface. Plucking or waxing your hair four to six weeks before laser hair removal Columbia MD can cause you to have to push your appointment back, so be sure not to do it.  

Don’t Get Burned

It is also important not to get too much sun for two to four weeks prior to your appointment. Sunburn can make the laser experience more painful, and excess pigmentation of the skin can make it challenging to pinpoint the hair roots. If you can’t help being in the sun, wear sunscreen and be sure to reapply more often than you think is necessary.

Be Honest About Medications

Tell your specialist about every medication you are taking, whether you think it is pertinent or not. You never know what could cause a strange reaction. Some medications can make the treatment less effective or can make your skin more susceptible to burns, but an easy adjustment on the technician’s end is all that is typically needed to ensure your treatment goes off without a hitch.

Choosing to get laser hair removal is exciting, and the end results are amazing. Be sure to take care of yourself before your treatment and you’ll be happy with your results.