3 Tips for Quick and Painless Heirloom Handoff

Heirlooms are one way to bring the past into the future. Another is to search the 1910 United States federal census to learn more about defining details and events that characterize your family history. One of the hardest parts of dealing with aging relatives is the complications of handling the items they’ve amassed over the years. Some items might easily be handed off to the young grandchild moving into his first apartment or the niece who has been eying a specific sideboard for over twenty years. But at the end of the day, not everything can find a new home within the family.

Here are a few options for handing off previously cherished heirlooms, while ensuring that they will be cared for appropriately. First, the unwanted items need to be separated into two categories: items with fiscal value and items with nostalgic value. Memories from your childhood, like the dented bundt pan or the nicked nightstand, probably will not be able to fetch much of a price outside of the family’s walls. As painful as it may be, these unwanted items should either be discarded or donated to a thrift shop. 

If you believe the items have fiscal value; however, you have a few more options. 

1. Hold an Estate Sale 

When you want everything handled quickly and efficiently, you should hold an estate sale for all the items unwanted by the family. For further ease, you can hire an estate sale company who can dispose of unsold items and even ready the home for sale. 

2. Donate items To Charity Auction

As an alternative to selling valuable items individually, you can give the items to an auction house that will donate all proceeds to various charities and groups, like¬†anti sex trafficking¬†organizations or global hunger charities. While you won’t be receiving any funds from your Grandmother’s old china cabinet, that piece of furniture has the potential to help so many people.¬†

3. Donate To Archives 

Archives and museums welcome donations of older possessions of interest. These organizations ensure that these older items are preserved and displayed in order to teach history to younger generations. 

While it will always be hard to discard unwanted family heirlooms, these simple steps can ensure they find good homes where they can be used to help or educate many people.