3 Great Vaping Products at Your Chicago Dispensary

Are you a new cannabis user? You’ve probably heard about the wide variety of vaping products available to treat a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, insomnia and much more. Or maybe you’re wondering about the distinctions between HHC and Delta 8 and the nuances there. If you haven’t yet discovered the medicinal benefits of cannabis, here are three great vaping products that are excellent choices for new cannabis users.

1. Cresco Vegas Disposable Pen

Vegas is part of Cresco’s “Good News” line of vapes. It’s one of two Sativa strains in the line, the other being the Friyay pen. Cresco made their Good News line with portability in mind – vaping on-the-go by recreational users is the main idea for the creation of the line. Vegas features a Sativa strain with 82.4 % THC. Check out your favorite Chicago medical marijuana dispensaries to try this exciting new pen.

2. Rythm DoSiDos Disposable Pen

Rythm disposables are made with the highest quality and purity standards to give users a convenient way to microdose. The disposables are made especially with the new user in mind, allowing users to affordably find the perfect strain. DoSiDos combines Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG, both of which are prized for relieving depression, loss of appetite and insomnia. The THC content in this pen is 76.552%.

3. PTS Cherry Limeade Disposable Pen

PTS brands its disposables as “The Pure Pen,” which reflects the brand’s commitment to using only the purest ingredients, in this case pure cannabis oil and terpenes, in their products. This gives users the assurance that they are using a product that is made to the highest standards and is safe for use. The Cherry Limeade strain is a 50/50 hybrid that’s a cross between Cherry Pie and Black Lime Reserve. This disposable contains 38.4% THC and 31.05% CBD.

Vaping is a convenient way to enjoy nature’s medicine. On your next visit to your favorite dispensary, be sure to check out these quality products.